Of “Leg-less” Snakes And Blind Cave Fish: How To Save Yourself From A Meaningless (Life) Death

Everything has a purpose.  Even science acknowledges that. Scientists, such as evolutionary biologists, hint on my personal belief that every part of every being was formed for a purpose. As a matter of fact, if an anatomical structure, pattern of behavior, or biochemical process is not used, over time natural selection acts on it and it […]

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The internet is a very useful thing indeed. People have depended on it for communication purposes – maybe a bit too much… I’M BEING FLOODED BY EMAILS AND NOTIFICATIONS AFTER A FEW WEEKS OF NO INTERNET. I wonder what’s happening to the internet dimension here in our place. I will post as soon as I […]

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Holidays almost always mean general house cleaning days for us – November first is no exception. I woke up to my mother pulling the sheets off of me, opening the door to the loud sound of work downstairs and to dust filling my nose. It was eight thirty in the morning, but I was already […]

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Minsan lang bata

Minsan lang silang maging bata, so I give them Chuckie. – Chuckie commercial (They won’t be kids forever, so I give them Chuckie. – Chuckie commercial) Lightbulb! Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t leave our childhood just as easily. So to the mom who spoiled her kids with Chuckie hoping that they grow out of […]

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