About the Captain

Welcome to Ang Manlalayag!

The word literally translates to “sailor” or “voyager”. I really like the way it sounds – it makes me feel like I’m actually setting sail, moving out into uncharted waters, embarking on an unknown adventure!

I am an artist, an aspiring author of an adventure novel, a life mentor to young Filipinos (well, we’ll get to the national level later.haha!), an innovative individual, insightful scientist and overall, one passionate kid with a hyperactive mind! It’s a lot to take in, I know 🙂

I LOVE THE OUTDOORS! I have the most fun during data gathering and field work more than doing stuff in the lab (though I’ve come to terms with it, laboratory analysis is important:). Talk about dirty jobs. Those moments are priceless 🙂

As an ecologist, nature just draws me out. I have an automatic wiring of looking at the connections among things – biotic and abiotic, haha. There’s so much to gather from nature! But as an artist, writer, taong gala or a mere daydreamer and wanderer, I am in love with how nature communicates. There is a lot of insight for life that we can find just by looking around – really looking – it does matter to stop and smell the flowers, literally.

Well, being outgoing runs in the family, I think. My mom’s a teacher. and a Boy Scout coordinator (really, the things she can do); my dad wants to run for Barangay Captain (my mom says no); I have a rockstar of a sister, she’s a licensed forester and teacher, conservationist/environmental activist, and now a wonderful mother (and surfer wannabe); and my little brother, a Food Technology student, soccer player, pageant guy and tallest sibling (seriously though, does he have to be that tall?). We have five dogs (ChubbyChobitsPebblesBigitRockyPlusThreeUnnamedPuppies) and four cats (FenrirGreybackLunaRegulusBlackBartyCrouch.Jr.).

Once a  constant complainer, a depressed teenager, and a highly unsociable and boring kid who settled for whatever. What changed me into this outgoing, passionate and loving scientist in an encounter with the even greater, adventurous, passionate and loving God who created me. Now I’m on the road – a great and fulfilling journey to touch lives, heal hearts and bring light to the darkest places. I rest assured, my Cap’n won’t abandon the ship!

Feel the rai - este, ocean - on your skin :)
Feel the rai – este, ocean – on your skin 🙂




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