r-EVOLUTION-ary thoughts

Welcome, respected scientists, to this special dinner party. As you all know, I’ve invited the brightest minds of today’s generation, in hopes of seeing how you will change the world as we know it.” Dr. Raul Fernandez’ speech received applause from the beaming faces round him – young scientists from different fields.

“Now, may we start by introducing ourselves? You may state your name, your field of specialization, and other things that interest you.” He sat down after flashing a smile.

The young gentleman to his left stood first. He had thick, blond hair and an athletic build. “Good evening everyone. My name is Michael Rocher. I’m 29 years old and I just finished my post doctorate degree in Astrophysics. I am interested in completing my own laboratory in two month’s time.”

Impressive. I think to myself.

The girl with black-rimmed glasses and an expensive Rolex watch stood up next. “Hi, I’m Rosa Slivek. I’m 24 years old and just moved here  after an invitation from the United Nations to assist them with strategic defenses against biological warfare. My interests include visiting the most advanced molecular laboratories around the world.” She looked at me and managed a stiff smile.

Suddenly, all eyes were on me. I felt my hands shake as I slowly push my chair back, embarassed as it made a sschhhhk sound against the carpet. Oh no, maybe I ripped it. Wait, this is no time to worry about that.

I clear my throat, a little too loudly, I guess, and started. “Hi everyone. My name’s Kimberly Ante, well, you can call me Kim. I’m 26 years old, and I’m leading the team of Southeast Asia’s Society of Natural History. I’m an evolutionary biologist, and a pastor as well.”

I see a number of them cringe as I said the last part.

Dr. Fernandez, the host and a seasoned evolutionary biologist as well, nervously cleared his throat to break the silence. “Oh, well, that’s a surprise, isn’t it? Ha-ha.” An anxious laugh from the host, and polite smiles from the crowd of intellectuals.

I’d like to think they were surprised to know a person such as I was present in their midst, let alone actually exist.

Dr. Fernandez looked at me, and with a genuine look of curiosity (or was it concern?), asked, “So, I’m sorry but,  how does that work for you? Do you believe in Darwin’s theory then, or don’t you?”

My “colleagues” look at me, waiting eagerly for a reply.

“I, well, I don’t believe it.” I heared a snortle from the other side of the table.

“What? You’ve studied basic biology, went through to the advanced molecular and evolutionary studies and worked with the best. After seeing all these evidences, you still don’t believe it? Are you crazy? You’re even leading Asia’s Society of Natural History, you aren’t even credible!”

They look at me as if I was a lunatic in front of them, with foam coming out of my mouth.

“Now, now, let’s discuss this like educated individua – ,”

“Well, I’m not saying I won’t believe it. I’m saying I don’t  believe it. At least, not yet.”


I heaved a sigh. “You are right, that there are innumerable evidences. There are a lot of answers that point to Darwin’s revolutionary ideas.

For me, all these answers only lead to more questions, the biggest of these would probably be ‘ So what’s not possible in this world?’

Evolution is a theory, and I don’t mean to take it as lightly as a hypothesis, as we all know. But there are people proving it and disproving it. I’m not here to do either of that, but to study it because I’m searching for something. Not the truth, maybe, because I believe in the only truth that is Jesus. But what I want to see is how evolution supports the truth that I believe in. And I know I’ll find that, someday. The more things we discover – new species, new planets, new theories and breakthroughs that prove all of us came from a single cell, etcetera – the more I believe that there’s nothing impossible in this world. And I think that’s wonderful. I think that’s what science is about – discovering limitless possibilities.”

I sit down, savoring the quiet feel of satisfaction in the air. I look down on my hands, and I smile to myself. I thought I heard a snort, but then I see a warm smile thrown back at me, so I’m okay.

(This is a fictional story, or something that I fantasize about, rather. Names are fictional as well, except mine:)


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