Maligayang pagdating!

Or should I say, “Welcome aboard, kaibigan!” Ang Manlalayag, which means “sailor” in English, is mostly a record of my “setting sail” and awesome insights I get from them. And man do I love adventures – I live in the Philippines, after all! If you’re looking for navigation techniques, my blog name might have misled you […]

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Planong Pagtanggal sa El Nido sa ENIPAS, Dapat Tutulan

Originally posted on iskul ob pilosopi:
Noong nakaraang Huwebes, Oktobre 29, Nagpatawag ng public consultation ang pamahalaang probinsyal ng Palawan tungkol sa hiling ni Cong. Chikoy Alvarez na tanggalin ang limang protected area sa Palawan, kasama ang El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area, sa panukalang batas na Enhanced National Integrated Protected Areas System Law (ENIPAS).…

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Love Essentials

I don’t know if you guys know Nick Vujicic, but he’s that awesome guy who was born with no arms and legs but is changing the world as we speak.       Well, he had a little tip to the ladies that I would like you to hear out. You don’t need a man […]

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The Challenge of Being YOU

In  a time when having the most likes on Facebook is equated with  being the most liked, most valued, and most important person in the social sphere, to be completely honest and naked about yourself can be quite the feat. Most of the time however, you deny it. Picture this. You wake up with your […]

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r-EVOLUTION-ary thoughts

“Welcome, respected scientists, to this special dinner party. As you all know, I’ve invited the brightest minds of today’s generation, in hopes of seeing how you will change the world as we know it.” Dr. Raul Fernandez’ speech received applause from the beaming faces round him – young scientists from different fields. “Now, may we start […]

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Beauty For Ashes

Ano kaya naramdaman nila nung mga panahong iyon? They must’ve had a hard time. I wonder if I could have done something for them then. I want to comfort them now, but I don’t know how. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind as I was skimming through my Facebook news feed today. […]

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